Dear Daughter – Pearls of Wisdom to Pass Down Through Generations

Dear Daughter
108 Pages
ISBN 9781512765021

As mothers or someone raising a young lady, we have a lot to handle on a daily basis. Along with being a mother, we have our daily routines, the nine-to-five, a business, being a wife, and being a church and community leader. We often lose track of the moments and time when our daughters or children can be communicating in a verbal or nonverbal way that they need their mother, mommy, mom, and/or ma. A strong and healthy mother-daughter relationship is the key in the relationships a young lady will form in her adult years. Once strengthened and made healthy, this positive impact can change generational lines. Join seven mothers as they take a stand from past disappointments of divorce, parent incarceration, spouse abandonment, hurts, and rejection to use as teaching moments for their daughters. Set aside some alone time or time with your daughters to read carefully as these mothers share moments when they had to have the tough conversation in order to help develop women of faith, wisdom, purpose, and leadership.

Cassandra Ferguson

About Cassandra Ferguson (Baltimore, Maryland Author)

Cassandra Ferguson

Cassandra Ferguson is the owner and founder of Diamonds and Pearls Unlimited, Inc., an organization that assists in developing young ladies ages 13 to 25 into future leaders. She is often called upon to teach adults of all ages, but her passion is teens and young adults. Cassandra has taught and spoken in churches, community centers, corporations, schools and currently serves as a radio talk host for The Cassandra Ferguson Morning Show on PRAISE 106.1 FM Baltimore. Her passion is often displayed in her teaching. Cassandra feels that her assignment is to help develop leaders of influence of all ages. Described by many as being passionate, bold, and result driven, Cassandra has served in her previous position as part of a leadership team as Community Co-Chair with JP Morgan Chase for Black Organizational Leadership Development (BOLD). Her assignment was to connect with employees, senior management, stock holders and community organization leaders to show a presence and willingness to partner. Her work and team building skills was so impactful she was promoted to be a part of the Develop, Educate and Training team where she was asked to help recognize areas for improvement. Cassandra and the team members were able to create a workable system for training awareness, mentorship, and career path planning. When work force reduction initiatives occurred in the organization, Cassandra was a key person in the Employee Engagement Team to encourage and help restore office moral.    A John Maxwell certified trainer, Cassandra provides leadership training for personal and professional development. Her dream is to one day provide scholarships for education and business development. She is also a former business owner of a mortgage and tax business and partners with a networking group of women called “Business Women on the Move”. Sensing God’s call to collaborate and mentor other new business owners, she formed an empowerment group with her oldest daughter and other business owners called Women of Impact.