Death of a Dancer – A Dassas Cormier Mystery, Book 2

Death of a Dancer
260 Pages
ISBN 978-1934841778

In the summer of 1925, Dassas Cormier escorts his fifteen-year-old nephew on a vacation to New Orleans. When he learns, however, that Cherry Blossom, an exotic dancer and confidant has been shot, the vacation becomes a hunt for her murderer.

The crime has been pinned on Cherry's boyfriend, but Dassas is fairly sure the man is innocent. His search for the real killer leads Dassas into the world of political power, corruption, and danger. To make things worse, he finds his new love interest and his former police partner tangled in the mystery.

Sarah H. Baker

About Sarah H. Baker (Corrales, New Mexico Author)

Sarah H. Baker

Sarah H. Baker is the author of more than 20 published novels and numerous shorter works. She writes mystery as S. H. Baker, romance as Sarah Storme, and erotica as Lydia Parks.

Sarah has been writing novel-length fiction since 1997. Having recently retired from engineering, she is back to an expanded writing schedule. Sarah also teaches writing-related classes and workshops for the University of New Mexico's Continuing Education, Southwest Writers, and other organizations as requested.

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