Deny Tomorrow – Sometimes It's Easier To Deny The Truth Than To Face It.

Deny Tomorrow
254 Pages
ISBN 9780692309599

Zach Acevedo is the leader of a Special Op’s team that performs unofficial, covert operations for the US government. His journey leads to romance and adventure as he meets the beautiful, vibrant, and somewhat stubborn Arianna Garrett, whom he tames and claims along the way. He is daring and dynamic and has a dangerous side that makes most women wilt in his presence...all but Arianna, who is every bit his equal. Arianna is an investigative journalist on assignment in Afghanistan. Hiding her identity under a burqa, she and partner Kevin Baxter are secretly filming a documentary on the plight of Muslim women. Posing as Afghanistan villagers, Zach and his team are poised to assassinate the prominent warlord of the region, thrusting the area into turmoil. Arianna and Zach meet amidst a backdrop of mystery and international intrigue. The story builds slowly with Zach weaving in and out of Arianna’s life. It’s a measured meeting, adding to the long, slow seduction that takes place between the two that builds to a cataclysmic coupling mid-book with many more sizzling unions to follow. Sometimes it’s easier to deny the truth than face it.

Ann Heathman

About Ann Heathman (The Villages, Florida Author)

Ann Heathman

Ann was born in a small town in Indiana. She was the only girl in a family of three boys. This gave her a pretty good understanding of the workings of the male mind, both the good, the bad, and well... all the in-between. Understanding how men think is helpful in writing romances.

As a former English teacher she has always had a special affinity for the written word. "I have to admit. I love to paint a picture or evoke an emotion with words."

She is the mother of two, and when her youngest child left for college, she finally found time to write. No more carpools. No soccer games. No more watching long tennis matches. Writing became the perfect cure for the empty nest blues. But all of life abhors a vacuum, and thus, it wasn't long before her life was quickly filled with the process of learning a new vocation. She moved to Florida and began an exciting career as a professional dog trainer.

​She tucked her book under the bed and left it there to marinate while she taught Fido to sit and stay. But the book... the need to share this story, beckoned. So she pulled the book out from under the bed, dusted it off, and published it... a life-long dream fulfilled.

​Today Ann trains dogs, writes, and takes care of her own two dogs, Duke and Dexter, who have heard every word of her books, and agree, they're a great read.

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