Destiny's Design

Destiny's Design
208 Pages
ISBN 978-1-63491-959-3

New Orleans 1914

Stevo Markovich, now established as a successful owner of the Dalmatcia Hotel, hatches a plan to bring his friends from Gary, Indiana to New Orleans.

Some want to join him, but others have family and businesses. New Orleans is made up of many nationalities. Stevo has made a little Croatian Island with his hotel and then the LITTLE ZAGREB opened up by his dear friend Tomo.

Stevo is pursued by women, but the memory of his wife, is still with him.

Rosemary Gard

About Rosemary Gard (South Bend, Indiana Author)

Rosemary Gard

The author spent three months in a village in Jugoslavia in 1956, where she lived the life of a peasant with her cousins. She slept on a straw mattress, cooked on a clay stove, washed clothes in the river. Her historical books are all based on facts of Croatian Immigrants.

Rosemary, born in the US, had Croatian as her first language. She has lived in Italy and traveled to Bogota, Columbia. She and her husband have been antique dealers and appraisers for fifty years.

The series of 7 Destiny books are all based on facts, which have been fictionalized. Rosemary takes great pains in adding historical events which have taken place during the time frame of her books. First books starts in 1892, Zagreb and the 7th is in New Orleans, 1915.