Destiny's Dowry

Destiny's Dowry
368 Pages
ISBN 978-1-60145-623-6

Katya is born in a convent. As a baby she is taken to village where everyone believes her to be the natural daughter and not adopted. When Katya is 16 years old, her brother-in-law sells her to a Turk. She escapes and with the help of Gypsies finds a place to stay.

She is befriended by Valina, Queen of the Gypsies. Valina tells Katya that her life is full of danger. Katya receives a bracelet from Valina, meant to protect her. In time, Katya arrives where she belongs, with her real family, but only a priest knows that this is her real family.

It is as the Gypsy Queen, Valina said:
"The danger is in the path that will take you where you should have been in the first place. For some reason you were put where you did not belong. It will fall into are finding your way."

Rosemary Gard

About Rosemary Gard (South Bend, Indiana Author)

Rosemary Gard

The author spent three months in a village in Jugoslavia in 1956, where she lived the life of a peasant with her cousins. She slept on a straw mattress, cooked on a clay stove, washed clothes in the river. Her historical books are all based on facts of Croatian Immigrants.

Rosemary, born in the US, had Croatian as her first language. She has lived in Italy and traveled to Bogota, Columbia. She and her husband have been antique dealers and appraisers for fifty years.

The series of 7 Destiny books are all based on facts, which have been fictionalized. Rosemary takes great pains in adding historical events which have taken place during the time frame of her books. First books starts in 1892, Zagreb and the 7th is in New Orleans, 1915.