Dogs and Love – Stories of Fidelity

Dogs and Love
44 Pages
Peach Publishing
ISBN 1482544059

These sixteen true stories about dogs will delight every dog lover, and may even please readers who don't own dogs. Dog memoirs if you will, these stories about dogs are told 'with sentiment but without sentimentality', according to one reviewer. "Thanks for a truthful, emotionally accurate, interesting and lovely book," this same reviewer said.

Although the subjects of these dog stories are the writer's dogs, these memoirs are universal in their appeal. All of these dog stories are about the special bond that can form between dogs and people. This dog book is for all ages, and with the exception of one story (My Dog is a Slut) any of these dog stories could be a bedtime story for children. These dog stories run the emotional gamut from absurdity to poignancy, and range from humorous to heartbreaking, something any dog lover can understand.

"These simply told tales, straight from Ms. Robinson's heart, speak of a love that transcends species. Her homespun humor makes them a delight to read, offsetting the raw grief she shares over the loss of tiny Ruth Ann and later big Bubba. But hope springs eternal and new dogs continue to be born, a touching lesson for all, with dogs or without," says another reviewer. Although the loss of a dog is always sad, it's the dogs in our lives that somehow make us more human. Life without dogs? I don't think so.

Ferris Robinson

About Ferris Robinson (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Ferris Robinson

Ferris Robinson lives near Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her husband and two dogs. The mother of three grown sons, she delights in the fact that her dogs obey her - more or less. A former columnist for the Chattanooga Free Press, she is now the editor of the Lookout Mountain Mirror and the Signal Mountain Mirror. Her work has been published numerous times in The Christian Science Monitor and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She is a columnist at

The author of several cookbooks, including "Never Trust a Hungry Cook" (which she wrote in college), "Simplify Supper" and the "Gorgeless Gourmet's Cookbook," Ferris was featured on the cover of Woman's World magazine. Promoting her easy but healthy recipes, she made numerous television appearances and sold 10,000 copies of the Gorgeless Gourmet's Cookbook, pre-Internet. Subscribers from every state subscribed to her newsletter, The Gorgeless Gourmet's Newsletter. She also wrote "Dogs and Love - Sixteen Stories of Fidelity," and "Authentic Log Homes," featuring hand-hewn log homes. "Making Arrangements" is her first novel.

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