Don't Be Cruel

Don't Be Cruel
264 Pages
ISBN 978-1546801863

A remarkable tale of tragedy, determination, resourcefulness, bravery, and rock and roll.

It's 1956 and vicious lies leave sixteen-year-old Melanie's reputation in ruins. Running away only brings more trouble. Her survival depends on wits, gumption, and newly-acquired street smarts.

Melanie befriends Ginger, another runaway, and together they venture to Memphis, home of the cool new music—rock and roll. Ginger dreams of meeting Elvis. Melanie envisions becoming a star drummer in a rock and roll band. When Ginger confesses her startling dilemma, Melanie is forced to act.

Can she confront the problems of her past, deal with the devastating consequences of Ginger's secret, and save a friend?

Barbara Vortman

About Barbara Vortman (Kalamazoo, Michigan Author)

Barbara Vortman

Barbara Vortman grew up in rural Michigan. Always a lover of learning and new experiences, she has been a teacher of small children and older adults, a social services worker, a volunteer, and a writer. Her first job as a teen was in a laundromat and she is still proficient at folding fitted sheets.

In her most recent employment, she provided information and support to grandparents raising their grandchildren. Her all-time favorite occupation (most challenging and most rewarding) has been Mom and Grandma.

Barbara lives in Michigan with her husband, Jeff. She enjoys travel and spending time with friends. She loves music (especially early rock and roll) but, unlike the characters in her novels, the only instrument she can play is the radio. Barbara has published three novels: Don't Be Cruel, Blowin' In The Wind, and Child of Mine.

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