Dorie Miller – Greatness Under Fire

Dorie Miller
55 Pages
ISBN 9781986420211

He was the ship's cook. He wasn't trained on how to operate the weapons on his ship, but only on how to pass ammunition. But on December 7th, 1941, Dorie Miller showed the country that he was capable of much more. This is his story. Read it and be inspired.

Dante Brizill

About Dante Brizill (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author)

Dante Brizill

Dante R. Brizill realized at a young age that he was destined to be a teacher, and had an intense love of history. He discovered writing as a hobby at around the age of 8 years old,and is proud to have released his debut book Dorie Miller: Greatness Under Fire in November of 2018.

For the past 15 years Dante R. Brizill has been a Social Studies educator in Delaware and Maryland. He earned a Bachelors of Arts in History from Hampton University, and a Masters In Teaching from Wesley College. He is passionate about recognizing the diverse contributions that all Americans have made to the American story. A native of Philadelphia, he is a die hard fan of his Philadelphia Eagles. He resides in Delaware with his family.

Brizill is looking through his writings to provide educators at the middle and high school levels with writings and books that can supplement their Social Studies curriculum. His first book recently released was about a cook stationed at Pearl Harbor who rose above and beyond the call of duty and became a hero. This is the first book in a series he is starting. Add Dorie Miller: Greatness Under Fire to your library, and stay tuned for books to come