Dragonfly's Mist – Book one

Dragonfly's Mist
305 Pages

Sharlet Wyndham was born the daughter of a Lord. Spending most her life secretly training to be a knight was her only salvation for the unkind parents she had been born to.

Learning of her fathers plans to send her into the arms of their enemy is the final blow.

She vows to hate the man she is forced to wed and to plot revenge, but she isn't prepared for the kindness she finds, or the emotions her new husband sparks within her.

Plagued with dreams of dragons and prophecies, she must make a choice. Stay with the man she is falling for, or run.

Brandy L Cunningham

About Brandy L Cunningham (Sacramento, California Author)

Brandy L Cunningham

Brandy L Cunningham lives in California with her husband and two children. She is an animal lover and enjoys the outdoors.

She has owned horses most of her life. She is an independent author and currently has four novels published on Amazon. She is an avid reader and loves to write anything from romance to fantasy.