Dragonfly's Mist: Book Two – Awakening

Dragonfly's Mist: Book Two
317 Pages

Sharlet has turned her back on her families deceitful plot to murder the Cliffshires. Holt, the love of her life, has gone to war with the other men. Plagued by dreams of dragons and hearing whispers of prophecies and ancient evils, Sharlet and her four friends make the dangerous trip across their world.

Hoping to find an ancient Druid, they soon realize there are far more mysteries in their world than they realized.

Discovering new places and creatures, they continue the adventures of Book One but soon find that one of them holds a secret past.

With the stirring of ancient creatures and dark evils it will test all of their strengths and beliefs to reach their destination.

Brandy L Cunningham

About Brandy L Cunningham (Sacramento, California Author)

Brandy L Cunningham

Brandy L Cunningham lives in California with her husband and two children. She is an animal lover and enjoys the outdoors.

She has owned horses most of her life. She is an independent author and currently has four novels published on Amazon. She is an avid reader and loves to write anything from romance to fantasy.