Dream Catcher Murders

Dream Catcher Murders
273 Pages
ISBN 978-1-946063-28-1

Ohio lawyer, Winston Barchrist III, finds himself out of his league when he flies to Sarasota to save his client's Florida land investment from souring. Instead, he discovers a real-estate mogul murdered in his penthouse, which he's blamed for by the local cops.

Soon bullets are flying, and a second developer, a beautiful local real estate lawyer, and a Seminole Indian tree-hugger all become ensnared in the plot, just as if they were ensnared in the indian dream catcher talismans that ominously hang all over the involved land investment. Can Winston find the true killer and end the odd nightmare through which he is going?

Only paranormal trickery can save the day. But is it really a trick, or is it for real?

David Selcer

About David Selcer (Columbus, Ohio Author)

David Selcer

David Selcer was born on Abraham Lincoln's birth date, 78 years after the Civil War ended, and Lincoln has been his hobby for 50 years. Mr. Selcer majored in American History and began writing at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

Mr. Selcer also graduated from the Ohio State University College of Law (today, The Moritz College of Law). He has practiced civil rights law for many years.

He has also authored several murder mysteries, all of which take place in Columbus, Ohio. They are a part of a series called the Buckeye Barrister Mystery Series.

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