Dream, Garden, Grow! – Musings of a Lifetime Gardener

Dream, Garden, Grow!
155 Pages
Independently Published
ISBN 978-1729411438

Lee Miller is proud to share her latest publication, Dream, Garden, Grow, a collection of musings as she shares her memories of childhood and how she grew to become a lifetime gardener. Packed with stories about life, gardening, medicinal uses of plants, garden folklore, seasonal interest and indoor gardening, you’ll laugh and learn as you explore what makes a gardening addict and the meaning behind mysterious gnomes and garden fairies. Learn about moon gardens, witty garden jargon and tried and true gardening tips. Whether you are a gardener or not, “green thumb” or “brown”, Lee’s stories will not only entertain and amuse but will teach you inspiring gardening pointers along the way. Lee Miller is also the author of A Guide to Northeastern Gardening and Landscape Design Combinations, each sharing her experiences and know-how as a seasoned gardener.

Lee Miller

About Lee Miller (Long Island, New York Author)

Lee Miller

Lee Miller is a landscape/garden designer, consultant and garden blog author who has been involved in the horticultural industry for over twenty years. Her award-winning gardening blog features over 250 articles on general gardening, landscape design principles, gardening tips, planting, pruning, garden maintenance, feature plants and more. In addition, Lee Miller has donated her time as a contributing writer for the American Heart Association Gardening Blog, as well as Gardening Know How, and has been involved as a presenter at local gardening clubs.

Lee holds a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies from the State University at Stony Brook and is a retired educator of 32 years. In 1996, she continued her education in horticulture and started up her own landscape design business in the year 2000. Lee grew up in the small town of Sayville on the South Shore of Long Island where she still resides, along with her husband. With trowel in hand since the age of five, her passion for gardening continues to grow.