Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas – Ultimate Future of the Past—Another Alaskan Mystery

Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas
144 Pages
ISBN 978-1-59433-319-4

Could it have been a strange coincidence of a magical matter of fate that allowed the final draft of Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas to be finished during the full solar eclipse of May 2012?

For Mara Benson, interspersed among all the losses have been moments of brilliant awareness, yet until now, she has been comfortable—perhaps even secure—drifting in the wake of life's journey.

Here, in the third book of the Feather series, Mara Benson will finally reach te ultimate future of her past. You've come to know her well. Destiny will now allow her to know herself.

Join her in this modern day mystery as she expands her horizons, makes new liaisons, is tempered by fresh challenges and emerges from the shadows of darkness into the nurturing warmth of the sun, all in this place named Alaska that they call the last frontier.

Marianne Schlegelmilch

About Marianne Schlegelmilch (Anchorage, Alaska Author)

Marianne Schlegelmilch

As I breathe, I write and I have written my entire life, even down to publishing my own neighborhood newspaper at the young age of ten.

I am the author of twelve published books, each of them Alaska-themed fiction. Among them are the "Feather Series" of five adventure/mystery novels, three children's books, and two modern Alaska Tales.

My books feature strong alliances with nature and a large focus on maintaining interesting and realistic characters. Many of the characters and scenes in my books are drawn from real life experiences and I have sometimes used my own photos as part of cover designs or within my Modern Alaska Tales and children's books.

I frequently find the influences of a lifelong career as a registered nurse (now retired) and the beauty and intrigue of Alaska's people and natural beauty are what make my books appealing to those who read them.

My sixth novel, a book of historical fiction set in England and pre-territorial Alaska is currently in production as is an audiobook of my first novel, "Feather from a Stranger."