Driving Lessons For Life – Thoughts on Navigating Your Road to Personal Growth

Driving Lessons For Life
286 Pages
ISBN 978-1-940984-40-7

Driving Lessons for Life is a collection of short and inspiring stories about change, self-improvement, leadership, and becoming a better person. It is about strengthening individuals, marriages, families, the workplace, and all of our relationships. Author Jim R. Jacobs takes the common experiences of car drivers and applies them to our daily lives, asking readers to rev up their hearts and minds to achieve a smoother ride, whether you’re already sailing along with your cruise control on or maneuvering life’s potholes.

Filled with car metaphors, hot rod memories, deep insights, and rear-view mirror humor, this book will teach you what your driving instructor never did, from what not to do in the car wash to the history behind giving someone the bird. Best of all, the car metaphors will make you recall the lessons in these pages every time you get in a vehicle and drive down the road. Because cars are an integral part of our daily life, those frequent reminders will result in lasting change. You’ll drive more safely, appreciate others more, experience less road rage, and take more time to sing in the car. The joy ride awaits you on the first page.

Jim R. Jacobs

About Jim R. Jacobs (Denver, Colorado Author)

Jim R. Jacobs

Jim R. Jacobs, MSW, LCSW, is an author, professional speaker, counselor, professional and relationship coach, marriage educator, and columnist. Jim writes a monthly column in the Life Section of Internationally Syndicated Women's Voices Magazine under the same title as his book. He has worked for over 20 years assisting individuals, married couples, families, and groups overcome life challenges, find greater happiness, and realize their dreams. Jim teaches his powerful Driving Lessons For Marriage Workshops to help couples have strong relationships and learn the skills to succeed. Jim lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and 5 children.

Jim R. Jacobs, LCSW has over 20 years of experience consulting, counseling, and coaching others to success. Trained in psychology and social work, Jim has the special training to understand both personal and social dynamics which contribute to success. He has the unique ability to assess strengths, talents, and opportunities on the individual level and then move to assessing the larger social environment to determine what supports and obstacles exist. Jim uses a positive, strength-based method to combine the individual assets with social support to help achieve progress and success. He is skilled at helping individuals, families, groups, and leaders remove challenges and realize their dreams and destinies. Jim is positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, and passionate about helping people grow, realize their potential, and have the most happiness and success possible.

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