Earthbound Misfit – The Heroics, Antics and Controversies of a Pioneering Television News Pilot-Reporter

Earthbound Misfit
597 Pages
LifeGuides Press
ISBN 978-0-9667829-5-0

Jerry Foster did what he could do best ... fly. Even critics agreed he was one of the most natural-born pilots ever at the controls of a helicopter. His involvement in rescues made him part of the story, which garnered a lot of attention, a lot of viewers, and a lot of critics. His search-and-rescue operations saved countless lives while scooping the competition. Foster did all this while flying with one hand and operating his TV camera with the other.

While station management saw a real ratings grabber, journalists saw a threat to traditional news reporting. The FAA didn't care for Foster's high-flying style and set out to ground him on several highly publicized occasions. But the cocky and quick-tempered man who was thought by so many to be a hero, had his own demons, and a past he knew would someday catch up to him.

Dee Dees

About Dee Dees (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Dee Dees

Dee Dees is a Personal Historian and the author of three books, including, Write Your Life Story in 28 Days, Raise Confident and Responsible Kids, and The Stories I Could Tell. In addition to her own books, she is co-author of Earthbound Misfit, A Journey through PTSD, and Three Ladies Out.

As a Personal Historian, she has taught workshops on memoir-writing since 1998, and works with individual clients to help them tell their stories. She has also served as a ghost-writer, interviewing her clients, weaving their stories and photographs into an organized volume, and helping with the publishing process.

Dee has been married for 45 years and has two grown, fantastic kids and three beautiful grandchildren.