Eat Crow and Die – Another P.J. Benson Mystery

Eat Crow and Die
279 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4328-3076-2

P.J. Benson knows Sheriff's Detective Wade Kingsley wouldn't blow up his own boat to kill his ex-wife and her new husband, Michael Brewster, not when Wade's son was also on the boat. Problem is, since Wade and his son just happen to be on the bow of the boat when the explosion occurred, and were throw to safety...and since Wade is the only one who could have placed a bomb on the boat, he's the prime suspect.

P.J. has just discovered she's pregnant with Wade's child, so there's no question in her mind that she must clear Wade of the murder. And, as P.J. looks into Michael Brewster's past, she soon discovers the man wasn't as great a guy as everyone thought. But did anyone hate the man enough to kill him? And if so, how did they manage to blow up Wade's boat?

Maris Soule

About Maris Soule (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Maris Soule

Maris Soule started her career writing romances (25 published, of which 2 were RITA finalists and several others were winners or finalists in a variety of contests). She then turned to mysteries and suspense novels. (The Crows, As the Crow Flies, Eat Crow and Die, and Eye of the Crow for the P.J. Benson Mysteries, and stand alone A Killer Past. Her 30th book, Echoes of Terror, was released March 2017.

Originally from California, she graduated from U.C. Davis as an art major and taught art for 8 years. During that time, Soule met and married her husband and they moved to Climax, Michigan, where they raised two children that they’re very proud of and a slew of animals, including Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs like the one in her “Crow” series. When her husband got interested in boats, they moved first to Kalamazoo and then to South Haven, where they now spend 7 months of the year before heading to Florida for the winter. She writes a weekly blog on writing at

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