Eat, Drink and Be Mary – A Glimpse into a Life Well Lived

Eat, Drink and Be Mary
190 Pages
ISBN 978-1495197635

She wasn’t any ordinary woman; Mary was a magnetic force who lived life with an enthusiasm rarely seen in someone facing such daunting odds. A fabulous wife, mother, sister, daughter and teacher to all, Mary’s life was a lesson on how to choose joy in every circumstance.

Mary Mras was my mother-in-law and a woman everyone would have benefited from knowing, had cancer not cut her time short.

Eat, Drink and Be Mary is the story of my chance exchange with Mary that eventually led me to her son, my husband, and the impact she had on my life as my mentor and friend. It wasn’t until years later, after her death and a dramatic occurrence in my life, that I realized the power of Mary’s words.

Though she never knew fame or even the limelight, Mary lived a life worthy of sharing with others. Through the pages, Mary will speak to readers as she once spoke to me: with conviction, hope and honestly.

Eat, Drink and Be Mary shares her quips and insights, her “Mary-isms.” Her words and wisdom will transform the reader’s mindset and inspire them to seek the truth about who they really want to be in life. Intimate tales of Mary’s courage during her battle with Leukemia are also shared in behind-the-scene stories from her husband Tony.

Come meet a woman unlike any other and bask in her timeless wisdom, while you Eat, Drink and Be Mary!

Michelle Mras

About Michelle Mras (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Michelle Mras

Michelle Mras is an accomplished Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author who captures the attention of audiences with her vivacity, and genuine connection. She has traveled and lived across the globe as a military dependent, then later as a military spouse.

Michelle has been a featured speaker on National Public Radio's, The Story Project four times and TEDx Colorado Springs. She is Certified as: Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team; Human Behavior Trainer with DISC Personality Insights and as a Reclaim the Brilliance Facilitator.

Michelle is a thriving survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury (2014) and Breast Cancer (2016). She and her husband have retired in Colorado.

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