Elders follows Cassius and Evangeline through their navigation of life in a futuristic society where youth can be bought. With divisions between those who can and cannot afford to buy their youth, and corruption closely tied to their governing system, each find themselves on opposite sides of the story. Discover what happens as time unfolds and they struggle to find themselves in their one chance at life.

Excerpt from the Prologue:

...“You're not welcome here,” she told me, grasping the other girl’s arm. I glanced at her dark eyes and soft skin. “I'm welcome anywhere,” I countered. That was a lie. “Not here.” The girl pointed behind me, and I spun around as quickly as my aching soul would allow. Silence the Elders. Silence the Elders. Silence the Elders. Silence the Elders. The black paint drooled across the faded bricks, its message leaking onto the sidewalk, its hate staining the streets. I turned back to the girls, but found nothing except for the aching scuff of a dress shoe and a single drop of blood. My heart hammered like a small, fearful animal, banging its panicking weight against ivory bars. The overwhelming heat wafted the scent of sour concrete all around me...

Kelsey C. Lewandowski

About Kelsey C. Lewandowski (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Kelsey C. Lewandowski

Kelsey is currently a junior at Anthony Wayne High School. She began writing at the age of 14 and published her first novel, Abyss (copyright 2015), at the age of 15. Her second novel, Elders (copyright 2016), is her latest work. Both books can be found on Amazon, Createspace, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. You may also find copies at the Maumee and Perrysburg libraries.

In addition to writing, Kelsey is active at school. She played JV soccer during her freshman and sophomore years, and she is currently on the varsity swim team. She is a member of student council, participates in several school clubs, and carries a 4.7 gpa.

Kelsey has been a speaker at a children's reading/writing club at a local library, participated in the recent Author's Day event, Nov. 2016, at the Perrysburg Way library, donated her time to a charity event for battered women and volunteered at a local assisted living facility. She hopes to find time to continue her writing, and she is beginning to think about college majors to consider for the near future.