Elemental Tales – A Multi-Genre Stone Soup Anthology — Exploring the World through a Tapestry of Elementals

Elemental Tales
320 Pages
Parallel Pathways, LLC
ISBN 978-0967018539

Eleven authors… Multiple genres… A Tapestry of Elemental Tales... Ride the high seas where one heart breaks and two others mend.

Find yourself on a supposedly deserted island and go on a quest to save our oceans.

Question the justice of life and save someone you'll never meet.

Learn to believe in yourself and be careful what you pray for.

Beware of the greed that can burn you and go on a quest to another world.

Sink or swim, you've got to give life a whirl.

Whether you lean more toward Contemporary Fiction or to the grittier side of Grit Lit, you will find at least one story you'll want to read again and again.

Buy Elemental Tales Today and let the adventure begin!

Jeanne Felfe

About Jeanne Felfe (St. Charles, Missouri Author)

Jeanne Felfe

Jeanne grew up a Corpus Christi beach bunny—and is still very much a Texan at heart. She long ago transplanted to the Midwest, where she insists on growing tropical plants to feel at home. She hauls them into the house for the winter, making the place look a bit like Jumanji. Although she now calls St. Charles, Missouri home, she’s lived across Texas, Chicago, and Florissant, Missouri.

Bridge to Us: A Love Lost and Found Novel, is a Jeanne’s debut novel. It began life as a short story for a Writer’s Digest contest in 2003, then in 2013 the characters from that short story insisted she complete their journey of the heart. The result is an emotional love story between two broken souls. It recently won the Rocky Mountain Cover Contest.

Jeanne serves on the board of Saturday Writers, a 100+ member writers guild. She co-authored a book on Y2K in 1999 and has had numerous short stories published in various anthologies.