Eliciting Excellence – Bringing Out the Best in People

Eliciting Excellence
122 Pages
ISBN 978-1682229675

Eliciting excellence is the essence of exceptional leadership. Everyone accepts that good leadership is important, but rarely is the question raised as to why and how good leadership makes a difference. Although developing good strategies and making smart decisions are important, bringing out the best in people is the most important ability a leader needs in order to produce great results.

In Eliciting Excellence, Michael Beck explains why bringing out the best in people matters and shares with the reader how to do just that. Beck elaborates on 15 competencies which pertain to:

  • How We Act (Self) - How well we conduct ourselves
  • How We Interact (Team) - How well we relate to people
  • How We Guide (Organization) - How well we guide the organization

He shows us why each competency matters and follows with practical suggestions on how to improve our ability in each one.

Eliciting Excellence will change how you think about leadership, help you bring out the best in those around you, and transform the results of your team and your organization.

Michael Beck

About Michael Beck (Portland, Oregon Author)

Michael Beck

Michael Beck is an executive coach, business strategist, public speaker, and author. He works with executives to improve their leadership effectiveness, broaden their strategic thinking, and create a stronger executive presence. Michael has held a variety of top executive positions in his career across a broad range of industries. He also spent several years overseas as a Business Advisor to a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. His credentials include an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of Business along with degrees in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

He is a regular contributor to a variety of national and international publications and blogs, including his own, Eliciting Excellence. He has a black belt in self-defense, ranked 118th in the world in a rowing competition, and is a competitive dart player. Michael lives in Portland, OR, where he enjoys hiking, camping and his other passion - cooking.

You can connect with him at http://www.michaeljbeck.com, mbeck@michaeljbeck.com, or http://www.linkedin.com/in/mjbeck