Elite – The Satellite Trilogy Part II

422 Pages
ISBN 1494892863

Grant Bradley's past has become a mystery to him. Can the strength of love overcome the limits of memory?

Now that Grant’s memories have faded and he’s established himself as a rebellious but gifted Satellite, Grant should be able to enjoy some happiness in the ever-after. Eager to prove himself to the Elite team, it soon becomes clear that he has a new set of problems to manage. His friends are hiding something, his scars have become inexplicably painful, and the life of the woman he’s meant to protect on Earth has gone horribly awry.

Elite, the anticipated follow-up to Satellite, is the second installment in a trilogy set in a vivid world of wonder and possibility. Continue with Grant as he journeys through the unpredictable afterlife.

Lee Davidson

About Lee Davidson (St. Charles, Missouri Author)

Lee Davidson

Lee Davidson lives in Missouri with her husband and three sons. She received a BFA with a Graphic Design emphasis from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. She spends her days as a graphic designer for a billboard company that makes having a day job not so terrible. When Lee's not hanging out with her boys or conversing with her dog, Dixie, she's likely with her BFF or driving somewhere with her favorite playlist cranked up. Visit leedavidson.net for social media links, book updates, and more.

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