Elves on Vacation – Fun at the Grocery Store

Elves on Vacation
56 Pages
Independently Published
ISBN 978-1731419873

Santa has delivered the presents, the tools have been put away, and now it's time for the elves to take their well-earned vacations. Join Elfis McFizzy-Bottoms, Elmer McTinsel-Toes, Elfie McFairy-Frost, and Elbie McBusy-Bubbles as they hop on a snowflake and ride the four winds to their destination. The elves spend this summer in a grocery store. Follow along on their adventures as they explore and play, then watch for them the next time you go to the store. You never know when and where you may see them!

Kids can share in this adventure as they shop along with their parents. They can look for any elves that might be 'vacationing' in their own store. This is the first in the Elves on Vacation Series. These books will allow kids to travel along with the elves as they visit new places and explore new towns.

Kimberly Caldwell

About Kimberly Caldwell (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Kimberly Caldwell

Hi, I'm Kimberly Caldwell-an author, illustrator, photographer, and mom to two grown boys.

I have two series of Children's books available. Mr.Bark Lee and Friends are books that illustrate a Bible verse on a younger child's level of understanding. They came from my questions at a young age of how those verses could apply to my life at the time. Mr. Bark Lee is a wise old tree that helps his friends learn about more about God and how His words apply to their lives now.

The Elves on Vacation books were inspired by stories my mom would share with my kids. They would spend their time hoping to spot an elf around the store aisles as I shopped. I hope they spark a child's imagination and adventure as future books will highlight different states and towns.

Kids love to hear your voice as you read to them. They hear the inflection of your voice as you read and want to hear more. Reading with my kids when they were little was a time I treasure and I tried to instill my love of books with them also. My favorite saying was 'that you could go anywhere in a book' if you just used your imagination. I hope you enjoy my books and they become a small part of time you spend with your own little ones.