Enough Already – Winning Your Ugly Struggle With Beauty

Enough Already
208 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4267-8901-4

What would it take for us to believe that we are enough already?

We've all wondered what might happen if we were a little prettier, skinnier or more stylish. Sure, we frequently hear that "what's on the inside matters most," but let's be honest, what's on the outside matter, too. We've all stood in front of a mirror and taken an inventory that never quite measures up.

In her new book, Barb Roose shares biblical teaching and stories from her own ugly struggle with beauty. Writing with authenticity and vulnerability, she offers a friendly perspective and practical advice on how to:

  • See the goodness, blessings and purpose in every area of your body, no matter your size, shape or style.
  • Balance inner and outer beauty - and discover why God values both.
  • Win your ugly struggle with beauty once and for all.

Barbara L. Roose

About Barbara L. Roose (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Barbara L. Roose

Barbara L. Roose is speaker and author overflowing with a passion to connect women to God and each other. She is the author of the book, Enough Already - Winning Your Ugly Struggle with Beauty and a six-week DVD Bible study titled, Beautiful Already - Reclaiming God’s Perspective On Beauty.

Barb has been speaking at conferences, churches and women’s ministry events since 2005. She inspires women through challenging Biblical

teaching, personal stories and a deep love for each audience that clearly communicates how much they matter to God and to Barb. She loves connecting with women on social media on Facebook or at http://barbroose.com/.