Equal Fate – Destruction of the Immortals

Equal Fate
313 Pages

Destroy your Fate Change the World

In a war torn land, where magic blends with technology, an abused young mage is rescued by a mercenary organization. However, madness lurks within the group, and before he can fully overcome his own past, he is thrown into direct conflict with the leader of the mercenary mages.

Jeska Layne

About Jeska Layne (Dallas, Texas Author)

Jeska Layne

Jeska Layne started out life as a precocious child with a vivid imagination. As she grew, so did her stories and creativity. As an adult, she spends her time creating worlds and filling them with vibrant characters.

When not working, writing, or spending time with family, she takes classes to learn new skills. She has dabbled in things like: blacksmithing, herbalism, soap making, philosophy, criminal justice, psychology, religion, and data analysis. Her passion for learning helps to add layers of nuance to her books and characters.