Evidences for God and His Creations

Evidences for God and His Creations
207 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4634-2071-6, 9

Evidences for God and his Recent Creations including the Flood, and the Bible: A Summary Apologetics book.

The book’s purpose is to give the big picture and summary views, but provide references to allow the interested reader to dig deeper. The book is also designed to allow the reader to give big picture talks on various topics where there is consensus from the scriptures or from logic.

The huge task is driven by several huge needs: There is a huge need to save the lost and one biggest group is in the age 18-29 age group, where 70% in America no longer attend church. Recent surveys indicate that 74 % of American’s believe we are in a state of moral decline. This corresponds to trends that only 34% of American adults believe that moral truths are absolute, while only 9 % of the 20-29 age group believe this based on Barna surveys. This shows the high percentage of belief in moral relativism which fits with believing the bible is not true. The bible is the inspired word of God and its historical truth will be shown.

Tracy J. Tofflemire

About Tracy J. Tofflemire (Knoxville, Tennessee Author)

Tracy J. Tofflemire

  1. Dr. Tofflemire, so you have written a book on apologetics tell me about it. Yes It is titled Evidences for God and His Creations. It has over 200 references and surveys the top authors and findings on apologetics and on why the Bible is true, and God exists.
  2. Why did you feel lead to write this book? There are statistics that 50% of high school youth and 70% of college youth drop away from the Christian faith due to the naturalistic teachings they receive. These teachings say that there is no God and no miracles. How sad it is to send your child off to school and have him come home an atheist.
  3. Is there a way to prevent this loss of our youth? Yes statistics show that if the child has had classes on apologetics and world views, that this loss is greatly reduced. Parents, churches and some Christian schools can provide such training. My Book and web site has such training. Also there are many good apologetics training packages for youth available. I have used a good youth package from Answers in Genesis that went over well with HS age youth. It had videos, questions for dialog, study guides, interactive activities.
  4. Do you think churches are providing this training? For the most part no. Youth are given fun times, fellowship, and worship with almost no teaching on apologetics. Their questions and challenges to the the faith presented by atheistic professors are never answered. They doubt the bible being true. This is a greater problem when they leave home and go to college.
  5. Does this have an effect or their morals and actions? Yes they end up believing in relative morals. With this view- what ever their friends and society in general believes is what they believe and it can change with time. This leads to loose sex, homosexuality, same sex marriage, crime, even drug and alcohol use to get high. If one believes the Bible is true, your morals are anchored in It, to true and unchanging moral standards.
  6. So are you available to help with this training?. Yes I would love to and and feel called do do so. I am in Madisonville, Tn. but can travel around and show training packages or do training. I used to live in Jacksonville , Fl. 7 Can you tell a little about yourself? Yes I have had training in public speaking and am a distinguished toastmaster, I also have a masters in Christian ministry and a Dr. degree in Environmental engineering. I have given sermons on the Bible being true at local churches, and have been a past youth leader.
  7. Thank you Dr. Tofflemire for sharing about your book Evidences for God and His Creations and the need to train youth in apologetics, we will have your contact information on file here.

Ref. Book is available from Author House as publisher, or online book stores like amazon. Web site; http://Creationapologetics.net Dr. James Tofflemire phone 904-705-6534, email engtuffy@comcast .net