Faithful Traitor – The Story of Margaret Pole

Faithful Traitor
390 Pages
ISBN 9781530174041

Margaret Pole is no stranger to fortune's wheel. From her childhood as firstborn of the heir apparent of England, she was brought low as the daughter of a traitor. After years of turmoil as the Tudor dynasty made its roots, Margaret finds favor with her cousin, King Henry VIII.

Will the remnant of the York dynasty thrive under this tempestuous king or will Margaret discover that there is a price to pay for having an excess of royal blood?

Samantha Wilcoxson

About Samantha Wilcoxson (South Bend, Indiana Author)

Samantha Wilcoxson

Samantha is a writer of historical fiction, mother of teenagers, and sufferer of wanderlust. Her Plantagenet Embers series takes place in 15th and 16th century England, featuring the York remnant during the Tudor dynasty.