Falling Through Trees – Book One in the Kate Fox Series

Falling Through Trees
247 Pages
ISBN 978-0998523125

Falling Through Trees is Book One in the newly published Kate Fox Series; a story about family, life, and love.

Kate Fox moved away from her childhood home years ago, hoping to leave troubling memories behind. Determined and driven, she created a life rich in things and a thriving career that defined her. Molly, her younger sister and a mother of two, stayed near their small hometown in Maine, and has born the burden of taking care of the mother they share—a mother who has a past and troubles of her own. When tragedy strikes, the two sisters are forced to face each other and the secrets of their past.

Together, the sisters discover the simple truth, that sometimes it takes living through sadness to find what really matters and become the person you were meant to be.

Crystal Cole

About Crystal Cole (Portland, Maine Author)

Crystal Cole

Crystal began her career in executive sales and went on to earn a Master's degree in Healthcare Business, before turning to writing novels, teaching workshops, and manuscript editing.

Her love of story and a personal, family tragedy encouraged her to write her debut novel, Falling Through Trees, in the Kate Fox series. The second book, This Side of Perfect, picks up in the characters' lives one year later with equal family emotion and drama. She has also ghostwritten memoirs, produced a compilation of 'life stories' for 15 pre-centennials, and has been a contributor for numerous magazines including Daniel Island Life, the Occasions Guide, and What to Wear.

Crystal has lived in Kyiv, Ukraine, served as board president of IWCK (International Women's Club of Kyiv) and travelled extensively. She's created and taught numerous professional development classes stateside and overseas... and cardio-kickboxing classes, too, and she volunteers regularly with a heart for giving back.

From Portland (ME) to Atlanta, Ukraine to Charleston, she has recently returned to Maine to her family and roots with husband and their two children, where she continues to write dramatic stories and helps others develop and polish their own.

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