Family Myths – Augustus Family Trilogy Book Three

Family Myths
274 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9987482-2-1

The dramatic final chapter of the Augustus Family Trilogy. Once again an Augustus is protecting themselves and the family name with lies. In 1960, rich, pampered, Elizabeth Augustus leaves college and disappears into the developing, San Francisco, California, hippy scene. Her father, who is tormented by guilt over his unwillingness to have told Elizabeth that she was in fact his child, hires a detective. The search goes on for years as Elizabeth hides in plain sight, living a life completely unlike the one the she imagined when she ran away. Eighteen year old Elizabeth creates a fake identity. As she matures her new identity matures with her and she becomes whoever she believes she needs to be in order to be accepted. Beneath the shield of her lies, Elizabeth's deceptions become her truth and the truth of all who know her.

Tamara Merrill

About Tamara Merrill (San Diego, California Author)

Tamara Merrill

Tamara Merrill is a true left brain/right brain woman. She excels at most anything “crafty” and is considered a talented teacher of both computer skills and painting. During the 60’s and 70’s she published multiple short stories in the popular women’s magazines of that era. But then the need for cash intervened and Tamara got a “real job” and stopped writing fiction. Now Tamara has stopped reading excessively (she admits to a book a day habit) and has begun writing again. FAMILY LIES is her first full length novel and is book one of the Augustus Family saga. Tamara currently resides in Coronado, CA.

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