Fate & Freedom – Book II - The Turning Tides

Fate & Freedom
282 Pages
ISBN 978-0990836568

Based on exhaustive genealogical and historical research, this epic series traces the fate of the passengers on what since has become known as the "Black Mayflower."

The Saga Continues... As Margaret and John continue to brave a new world - they witness the ever advancing political corruption of the English Aristocracy. From Merchant's Row on the shores of the James River to the twisted truths on the high seas, they learn to navigate the ever-rising rough waters of the first English Colony of Virginia. As the tides change, Margaret and John wonder if they will be prepared for the fight of their lives. A fight for Freedom!

K I Knight

About K I Knight (Orlando, Florida Author)

K I Knight

Kathryn who uses the pen name K I Knight is an international award winning Author, Genealogist, Historian, Public Speaker for Project 1619, Cemetery Preservationist, and a Land Development Consultant. Knight has spent 20,000+ hours researching the first documented Africans to arrive in the English settlement of Virginia in 1619. In 2016, as an advisory board member for Project 1619 she co-curated the “1619 First African Landing” exhibit at the Hampton History Museum in Hampton, Virginia.

Her passion is unrivaled and strongly evident in her published writings. Her literary work includes "Fate & Freedom" a five star - Gold medal historical series as well as her nonfiction work, “Unveiled - The Twenty and Odd" due to be released in 2019. Knight is the Secretary for the Board of Director’s for Florida Author’s & Publisher’s Association. She is a member of the National Genealogy Society, Afro American Historical and Genealogical Society, Florida State Genealogy Society, Virginia Genealogy Society, Virginia Historical Society, Florida Historical Society, American Historical Association, Genealogy Speakers Guild, Association of Professional Genealogists, the Alliance of Independent Authors, the National Association of Professional Women, Women in Film and Television, and the Director of 1619 Genealogy.

The mother of three adult children, Knight lives in Central Florida with her husband, Tom.