Fathers' Day

Fathers' Day
274 Pages
Wing and a Prayer Books
ISBN 9780692071649

FATHERS' DAY is the story of first-year teacher Victoria and her student Francis, whose year-long journey helps each deal with the burdens of shared loss and move toward hopeful transformation. It’s the story of a woman barely more than a child herself trying to heal her student who may know more about love and consequence than she does. Fathers’ Day paints a life slightly to the side of the one we thought we knew but infinitely more tender, more delightful and more filled with transformative potential.

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H J Brennan

About H J Brennan (Williamsport, Pennsylvania Author)

H J Brennan

Jim grew up in a river town in Central Pennsylvania. To hear him, it was all Tom Sawyer. He says attending a small public high school was a blessing. The people resources were so limited, he got to try everything: band, football, track, wrestling...

He got a scholarship ride to art school and did well which prepared him splendidly for a few years in The Marines. He spent much of his enlistment in D.C. during which The President and his family slept safely.

He worked in a large foundry, jockeyed on the back of a garbage truck, built barns, managed a couple bars and rode, for a short while, with a fledgling bike gang. Bored with the bikers, he taught in an inner-city public school, started a dance troop, designed theater sets, entered and left an MFA/Painting program and designed early interfaces for the internet.

He has attended Kutztown, Temple and Stanford universities. At Stanford, he workshopped his debut, award-winning novel, "FATHERS' DAY." He has completed a second unpublished novel and is working on a couple more.