Feel Good, Look Good, For Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Achieve Lifelong Health

Feel Good, Look Good, For Life
258 Pages
Blue Star Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9979801-4-1

It is possible to achieve health while fulfilling your professional and personal goals.

Are you tired of the restrictive, guilt-ridden, crash diets? Do you want to lose weight, boost energy, and eliminate stress? Are you ready to rid yourself of pain, and wake up with a pep in your step again?

Angela knows all too well what it means to be ill - and she knows what it takes to recover. After surviving a health crisis that nearly took her life, Angela became a Certified Health Coach and has helped hundreds of others achieve health with her simple, effective strategies. You'll be inspired by her story and learn how you, too, can achieve optimal health.

Feel Good, Look Good, For Life is the ultimate guide to support you in health and transform your life for the better. There's no quick fix when it comes to healthy living. When you implement the strategies Angela shares, and practice what you've learned, your life will forever be changed.

Angela Gaffney

About Angela Gaffney (Denver, Colorado Author)

Angela Gaffney

Angela Gaffney is the catalyst for healthy transformation. She works with executives and organizations that support the health of their employees and want to create an environment of personal and professional success.

When you attend one of Angela's presentations, you be challenged to think differently about health. There's no crash diet, no need for intense willpower, or a restrictive lifestyle. Angela's simple strategies solve common health challenges, empower others to take charge of their health and ignite lifelong transformation.

Angela relates well to the busy executive, traveling often and balancing the demands of work with quality family time. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has published two cookbooks. To hire Angela to speak at your next event, discuss a wellness program for your corporation, or take advantage of complimentary health tools, please visit www.AngelaGaffney.com.