Feralia: Revised Edition

A young man wakes up into a strange world with no memories but for that of his name. It is a world where a strange orange glow shines over the land, a realm of Dragons and Half-Elves, where the land itself is shaped physically by the hearts of its inhabitants. On his search for his identity, and for the truth, he finds himself the central figure in a struggle of unthinkable consequence, one that will decide the fate of countless lives.

New Revised Edition features a map, newly edited text and excerpts from the second Feralia story!

Clint Cassa

About Clint Cassa (Washington, DC Author)

Clint Cassa

Clint Cassa grew up in a small town not far from Pittsburgh. He now resides in Maryland with his wife, daughter and cats. Besides writing, he enjoys reading, anime, cosplay, video games, animals, and spending time with his family and friends.