Five Moons (Book 2) – Convolute

Five Moons (Book 2)
184 Pages
ISBN 1530451450

“We come in peace” is what we told the anoza when human explorers first encountered them, but you would have to ask the anoza how that worked out for them. They would tell you fast and quick that humans were cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in our hearts. It didn’t take them long to figure that out when we left the blood of four innocents on their hands. In fact, we convinced them of it by trying to hide the evil that was done. Union Fleet flew an unmarked ship into space docks after the Corporate War, intending to secretly scrap it out, intending to get rid of the evidence.

By the end of the Corporate War, Dallas Blake had lost everything. He went to those same Union Fleet space docks intending to start his life over, intending to buy a war surplus scout-class ship. Instead, he unknowingly buys the Tesseract. That is where this whole saga began. It began with the guns-blazing rescue of Emma from the mercenaries and a timequake starship with more enigmas than answers.

The Five Moons saga continues with Five Moons: Convolute dropping you right into the middle of the action as the Syndicate’s last mobsters hunt down a Special Forces agent in the streets of Habston, the biggest little city on Panara-5. It quickly becomes a running gun battle as Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons tries to save him.

After Emma and Sophie unwind one of the alien mysteries of the ship, the Five Moons is enlisted by Special Forces to transport their agents to Daggan-7. But the alien technology of this ship is not about to give Dallas any breaks. In the worst of places, at the worst of times, he suddenly finds himself embroiled in yet another alien enigma with only a cryptic error message to give him a clue.

Even so, the gut-wrenching twists and turns of fate don’t quit for Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons. Trying to escape from one villain, Dallas and crew fall right into the hands of yet another — Sarsen Tabbot, the Mercenary Commander responsible for the death of Dallas’ whole family.

Intertwined in this whole mess is a real spy-vs-spy story pitting Special Forces against an old nemesis, with Dallas and the crew of the Five Moons caught in the middle. If you love to hate a good villain, Five Moons: Convolute will give you a couple of real doozies to get your blood boiling. This story is as convoluted as it gets.

Bill Parker

About Bill Parker (Buffalo, New York Author)

Bill Parker

Native Western New York author, and world traveler, Bill Parker, spent most of his career engineering high-tech manufacturing systems for companies around the world. An accomplished deep space astrophotographer, he was a contributing editor for Modern Astronomy magazine when it was based in Attica, New York, working mainly on astrophotography articles and projects.

Bill Parker has been a Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate and a martial artist for more than forty years. The times when all that stood between him and certain death was his martial arts gave Bill the indomitable spirit that pervades his thinking and writing to this day.

Bill calls Earth his homeworld, but he is a steely-eyed outworlder to the very core of him.