Five Moons (Book 3) – Entangled

Five Moons (Book 3)
182 Pages
ISBN 1532835485

Evil men conspired to have a starship destroyed to hide the evil they had done. They intended for its crew to disappear forever without a trace. They flew an unmarked ship into space docks and marked it for destruction. They thought that was the end of it, but in all of that chaos, the anoza found me. They chose me to save the Five Moons. I didn’t know any of that when I bought a ship that was never meant for sale. I didn’t know any of that when I first stepped foot upon its decks and changed everything… But I know it now. And save the Five Moons? Damned straight I will.

I am Dallas Blake, outworlder to the nines. By the end of the war, I had lost everything: my wife, my daughter, my whole family. The Mercenary Expeditionary Forces under Sarsen Tabbot leveled my home world, so there was no place left for me to return. I was left with no other choice but to start my life over.

So I went to the Union Fleet space docks to buy a war surplus scout-class ship. Instead, I unknowingly bought the Tesseract. The ship was nothing I expected, but everything I needed. And you know that crew they thought was lost and gone forever? Well, think again. Now my crew and I fly from world to world, going wherever we are needed. Making a difference starts with us.

If you ask the other intelligent species, they will tell you fast and quick that mankind was cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in our hearts. Just ask Captain Ravi Chandrakar, of the Union Cruiser Star Jammer. I am sure he would agree with that. Especially after that ever-conniving gangster-turned-politician, Al Simmonds, brought the whole region beyond the Seven Pillars back to the brink of war. Captain Chandrakar is still cleaning up that mess.

Unfortunately, Al Simmonds is still out there on Daggan-7, conniving his next fiasco. And as for Sarsen Tabbot? She would tell you herself, ‘It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.’

So, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me. How about you? Can I talk you into putting on your recon armor, grabbing your pulse-rifle, and joining us? Would you like to make a difference? But I do have to warn you: The action never stops for the crew of the Five Moons.

Bill Parker

About Bill Parker (Buffalo, New York Author)

Bill Parker

Native Western New York author, and world traveler, Bill Parker, spent most of his career engineering high-tech manufacturing systems for companies around the world. An accomplished deep space astrophotographer, he was a contributing editor for Modern Astronomy magazine when it was based in Attica, New York, working mainly on astrophotography articles and projects.

Bill Parker has been a Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate and a martial artist for more than forty years. The times when all that stood between him and certain death was his martial arts gave Bill the indomitable spirit that pervades his thinking and writing to this day.

Bill calls Earth his homeworld, but he is a steely-eyed outworlder to the very core of him.