Five Moons (Book 6) – Zep Tepi

Five Moons (Book 6)
220 Pages
ISBN 978-1539678922

Before the time of man, according to the ancient legends, the gods walked the earth. The Egyptians had a name for this time. They called it ‘Zep Tepi’ — the First Time. That time is where this story began in a place called Gobekli Tepe. But something went horribly wrong along the way. It took a Great Flood to cleanse the Earth of that terrible wrong. Mankind was almost annihilated, but the story didn’t end there. Zep Tepi picks up the story ten thousand years later, on a distant outworld known only as Soloreon-3…

In the beginning was the ship. And the ship was a light unto mankind. And the light shines into the darkness. But the darkness does not comprehend the light. And so the ship took a name unto itself — the Five Moons…

It all began with an emergency call from a world at the farthest edges of explored space.

“You are our only hope,” they told Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons. A deadly virus would kill them all if the Five Moons didn’t get the vaccine to them right away. But, like every other mission the Five Moons has taken on, this was but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. To save these people, Emma would have to pull a quantum rabbit out of her hat, and Dallas would be in for the fight of his life.

One thing was for certain: someone tried to kill these people, all of them, but why? Hunting down a mass murderer was a job for Special Forces, but they could use all of the help they could get. None of the clues made any sense. Every step they took was one step closer to killing all living things on Soloreon-3, but how were they to know that when they started?

Except the mysteries didn’t end there. Like: where had these people come from, and, with no modern technology, how did they get here? The answers to those questions would test the Five Moons and its crew to its very limits. It would bring dark forces out of hiding. It would bring the planet to the brink of war.

But the Five Moons was the Nexus of Fates. It had chosen each member of the crew for a reason. It chose Iyo and Dallas to save the ship. It chose Mariah, Jessica, Jane, and Henry. It chose them all to save Emma and Sophie. It chose them all to be a light unto mankind, but the light was not yet complete. Then it chose Star, but it wasn’t done with them yet. Its next choice would become a light, shining into the darkness.

Bill Parker

About Bill Parker (Buffalo, New York Author)

Bill Parker

Native Western New York author, and world traveler, Bill Parker, spent most of his career engineering high-tech manufacturing systems for companies around the world. An accomplished deep space astrophotographer, he was a contributing editor for Modern Astronomy magazine when it was based in Attica, New York, working mainly on astrophotography articles and projects.

Bill Parker has been a Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate and a martial artist for more than forty years. The times when all that stood between him and certain death was his martial arts gave Bill the indomitable spirit that pervades his thinking and writing to this day.

Bill calls Earth his homeworld, but he is a steely-eyed outworlder to the very core of him.