Fixing Boo Boo – A story of traumatic brain injury

Fixing Boo Boo
243 Pages
ISBN 1-940869-90-0

Do you know a person with a brain injury? Pat did. Her sister, Barb, needed help and Pat wanted to help.

All Barb really wanted was to be treated like everyone else, but it was difficult since she was born with cerebral palsy. All the family wanted was for her to be safe and well cared for, especially after a life-changing accident that left her brain-injured. After her husband died, she needed assistance to cope with daily meals and chores.

Her sister and brother-in-law encouraged her to sell her house and come live with them. They had no idea what dealing with brain injury meant. They found out! A story of one family and the struggles they faced to live with the diagnosis of Brain Injury.

Pat Stanford

About Pat Stanford (Tallahassee, Florida Author)

Pat Stanford

Pat Stanford was born in Philadelphia, PA. Her farming family moved to Delray Beach, Florida when Pat was one, looking for year-round growing seasons. She lived there until a brief stint in the Air Force took her to California. She graduated Florida State University with a Secondary Education, which was never used for its intended purpose.

She has poetry published in several anthologies, and won second place in the 2004 Seven Hills Contest with her short story, Divorce Sale. She has completed her novel, Fixing Boo Boo, a fictionalized account of what happens when a brain-injured sibling comes to live with a sister who doesn’t know what that means.

Pat lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband and two cats and is currently working on a new novel as well as ghostwriting a book of non-fiction.