Flex Mom – The Secrets of Happy Stay-At-Home Moms

Flex Mom
109 Pages
ISBN 978-1-68350-559-4

You are grateful that you made the choice to be a stay-at-home mom, but just a couple of years into it, you feel like you're losing your mind. The alternative is going back to work, but that doesn't seem right either.

Flex Mom is for mothers who want a third model of motherhood, somewhere between stay-at-home mom and working mom. This third model is being the primary caregiver for their children while deliberately creating a path that fuels their own passions - leaving them fulfilled and confident.

Combining the humor and honesty of Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird with a balanced mix of positive psychology and coaching, Flex Mom helps mothers make these fleeting childrearing years their best yet.

Sara Blanchard

About Sara Blanchard (Denver, Colorado Author)

Sara Blanchard

Much like laundry, Sara Blanchard’s life runs in cycles.

After graduating from Harvard, the financial cycle took her to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York. The wellness cycle trained her in life coaching and positive psychology.

The parenting cycle – not a cycle, more commitment, call it permanent press – saw her struggling as a stay-at-home mom until she found a better way and founded the Flex Mom movement. She and her family call Denver home.