Fogbound Manor

Fogbound Manor
270 Pages
Black Rose Press
ISBN 978-1944384012

Harriet Tate may be a sea captain's daughter, but she doesn't believe in buried treasure. She's logical, practical, and runs her family's shipping company.

So, when Jonah Herrick's mysterious letter arrives from a remote place called Fogbound Manor, Harriet dismisses it entirely. She's not going to Herrick Island and look for pirate gold. That's nonsense.

But her father drowned, the company is going bankrupt, and Harriet has to make a choice: lose everything she ever worked for or accept Jonah's ridiculous offer and find the money to save it.

Arriving at Fogbound Manor will set Harriet on a course for heart-wrenching love and unimaginable riches she never could have foreseen.

Meg North

About Meg North (Portland, Maine Author)

Meg North

Love a spooky tale? How about a dark fantasy? Or an old-school Gothic romance?

Meg writes darker novels set in the Victorian era. She draws inspiration from the vast amount of history here in Portland, as well as classic works to create her novels. She's especially inspired by her time giving tours at the Longfellow House!

Meg's published books include "Daniel's Garden," "The Heart of a Lie," "The Curtain Falls," and "Fogbound Manor." She's currently working on a Frankenstein-inspired tale called "The Transformation of Charlotte Poole."