Foothills Pride Stories – Vol. 2

Foothills Pride Stories
342 Pages
ISBN 978-1-64080-572-9

The influx of San Francisco Bay Area gays is now commonplace in Stone Acres, California. But that means big city problems—much to the dismay of long-time residents of the small community.

In Relative Best, Zeke Bandy’s hotel becomes a haven for a battered youth. Native American Vic Longbow, who escaped a similarly brutal upbringing, comes face-to-face with it at Zeke’s place. With trouble surrounding them, can Zeke and Vic find their own peace and love?

On the outside, hardware store owner Frank McCord is the town’s bachelor handyman in Frank at Heart. Inside, he’s pining for true love, particularly the regard of software designer Christopher Darling. But recently divorced Christopher isn’t looking for another husband. Country contractor Ben in Waking the Behr has always believed he’s heterosexual… until he meets city entrepreneur Mitch O’Shea. Mitch never thought he’d settle down with a guy from the country. Can a gay city mouse and a sexually confused country mouse find love?

When UC Davis horticulture grad Fen Miller agrees to help out in his cousin’s nursery over Christmas, he rents a room in sous chef John Barton’s Victorian house. John, another shorter-than-average man, catches Fen’s interest. But John’s past comes back to threaten them both in Short Order.

Pat Henshaw

About Pat Henshaw (Sacramento, California Author)

Pat Henshaw

Currently living in Sacramento, California, and a former book reviewer, Pat grew up in the middle of the United States and subsequently lived on all three coasts. At various times, she has been a librarian, an English composition instructor, and a theatrical costumer. She's also traveled around Europe, Central America, and Asia.

She is the author of the Foothills Pride series set in a fictional former Gold Rush town in the Sierra Nevada area of Northern California.