ForeTalk – The 7 Critical Conversations for Living in the Season of Now

168 Pages
ISBN 09585335653

Planning begins with conversation, and "ForeTalk" is the complete guide to end-of-life planning and necessary conversation. It begins with how to have the conversations few want to have: "Are we prepared when going to the hospital?" "Do we have the required documentation we need to have completed?" "What kind of final service, a memorial or funeral, most represents our values and wishes?"

"ForeTalk" is the result of years of research and careful documentation. It began with the author's personal experience when his brother was admitted to the hospital with stage 4 lung cancer plans, no documents, no conversation.

Praised by pastors, coaches, physicians and hospital administrators, "ForeTalk" is uncomplicated, easy to understand and apply to you and your family.

Stan Craig

About Stan Craig (Louisville, Kentucky Author)

Stan Craig

Stan Craig retired from a 27-year career with Merrill Lynch. He retired as the Sr. Vice President and Director of the Office of Investment Performance. He has degrees from the University of Kentucky, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as The Wharton Executive Program.

He has written the "Foretalk Bible," "The 5-Pointed Compass," and co-authored "Leadership Defined." The "ForeTalk Seminar" is being presented across the country and prompted the writing of the book "ForeTalk" as a guide to all the seminar material.

Stan lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife Gloria. They have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has spoken across the country and around the world. He is available to speak to groups of all sizes as schedule permits.