Forget the Vet – Homeopathic Remedies for Cats & Dogs

Forget the Vet
124 Pages
ISBN 978-1517636845

'Forget the Vet’ focuses on the many health benefits of practicing natural remedies. Cooking easy homemade holistic recipes, and treating your pet to a homeopathic agenda, may prevent many trips to your vet’s office. When we look holistically at all the natural cures for ailments in our pets, we ask ourselves, should we go all natural or use supplements that contain processed ingredients? There is no hard or fast rule to this. It is obvious that most products that come from natural sources have higher levels for benefiting on pets than others. The combination of processed substances and natural sources only arise due to the shortage of natural materials in certain locations.

It is important to always use products that are as natural as possible. This saves the stress of getting your pets hooked on medications that may do them more harm than good. For instance, steroid injections used to treat Asthma hold ingredients that may cause Diabetes. The way you treat your pets and groom them, goes a long way in determining their overall health. This book lists a few of the natural cures for common ailments in pets. Some of the ingredients listed here are preventive, while others are curative. What is essential, is to help your pets live longer, and for them to lead fuller healthier lives.

This book includes the following: Pet Diabetes, Causes of Diabetes, Symptoms of Diabetes, Herbal Remedies, Recipes, Grocery Shopping List for Diabetic Pets, Raw Food for Cats with Kidney Problems, Recipes, Herbal Solutions, Homeopathic Remedies for Constipation, Cats and Allergies, Natural Remedies, Homemade Cat Recipes, Dental Health, Bladder Problems, Herbal Remedies, Cats with Cold and Flu Symptoms, Cats, Head to Paw, Homemade Flea and Tick Repellents, Cat Condition Weight Chart, Weight loss, Grocery Shopping List for Cats, Pets and Tapeworms, Natural remedies using Homeopathy, Recipes, Home Treatments for Dental Health, Homemade Dental Treats, The Holistic Approach to Dog Ailments, Overall Nutrition, Homemade Dog Food & Treats, Time to Cut out the Junk, Over weight dogs, Dog Condition Weight Chart, An Effective Weight Loss Program for your Dog, Healthy Recipes, Grocery Shopping List for Dogs, Herbal Remedies for Treating Dog Ailments.

Pennie Mae Cartawick

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Pennie Mae Cartawick

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