Forgive Me – A Spruce Pine Novel

Forgive Me
376 Pages
ISBN 978-1537099101

A complicated past… As owner of Ridge Haven – a premier all-inclusive wedding venue – Millicent Grey is confident of one thing. Her perfectly crafted Happily-Ever-After’s are perfect for everyone, except herself. But when a moment of desperation means asking the perpetual thorn in her side for help, Millie finds herself leaning a little towards love…and a lot towards the man she’s vowed to never trust again.

An undeniable hope… There’s nothing Cooper Whitley loves more than ruffling the feathers of his favorite petite sized, know it all, wedding planner. That is, of course, until one devastatingly delicious kiss has him longing for their almost past. Fueled by memories, Cooper is determined to prove once and for all he’s everything Millie’s ever wanted – white picket fence included.

A secret that could change everything… But not everything is perfect in this quiet little ridge, especially when the past refuses to be buried…

Leslie Ray

About Leslie Ray (Durham, North Carolina Author)

Leslie Ray

Leslie Ray was born and raised in the heart of North Carolina where she currently lives with her husband and two daughters. Shimmering with emotion, Leslie brings you the kind of stories you don't want to put down. From laugh out loud comedy to matters of the heart, you will find yourself lost in these spectacular small town contemporary romances. So grab a book and fall in love in a small town...