Foul Wind – A Havoc in Hancock Humorous Suspense

Foul Wind
295 Pages
Dogged Kat Press
ISBN 9780692525692

Noses wrinkle in Hancock, Idaho, when a foul wind blows from the new wind turbine at a nearby hog farm. When a blackmailer threatens to reveal secrets about the development and its investors, suspicion falls on Feather Sullivan and her sister, compelling their mother to meddle.

Meddling on a hog farm can get messy!

When the blackmailer is revealed as her sister’s lover and is murdered, Feather and a hunky PI seek answers while trying to keep her snooping mother from becoming another murder victim. From the award-winning author of Mustard's Last Stand, the debut novel called "an absolute charmer" and "a totally fun read with non-stop plot surprises and humor."

Kathy McIntosh

About Kathy McIntosh (Tucson, Arizona Author)

Kathy McIntosh

Kathy McIntosh grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles with parents who instilled a lifelong love of books and nature. They’d frequently pack the Ford Falcon with camping gear and their two daughters and head to the Sierras or to Arizona. Lots of fun with two girls squabbling in the back seat, acting out violent crime for the entertainment of those in following cars.

Kathy’s a reformed high tech marketer and former columnist on words and business writing who’s translated her love of words, humor and nature into her fiction. After many years in Idaho, in 2014 she and her husband moved to Tucson, with a Catahoula Leopard dog and two cats, to southeastern Arizona. They love the hot temperatures, the incredible food and traveling to explore other cultures and cuisines.

Kathy’s first two novels, Mustard’s Last Stand and Foul Wind, are humorous romps in the wilds of north Idaho. Her newest, Murder, Sonoran Style, portrays death in the heat of the desert, with a light touch and lots of laughter.