Fraternity of Fractures

Fraternity of Fractures
188 Pages
ISBN 9781504957557

Phoenix and Justin Sunder are master cat burglars and best friends until Dylan Panicosky enters their circle of hedonism and crime. Set in the blighted city of St. Louis in the ‘80s, Fraternity of Fractures is a love triangle played out in an urban setting full of nocturnal decadence and danger, with all the players fractured in their own way.

“To call Fraternity of Fractures a 'crime novel' or a 'novel of suspense' would be to do it an injustice. Embracing elements of different genres (mystery, suspense, crime) and yet rising above them all with a sense of purpose and atmosphere that satisfyingly wings its way above and beyond most genre reads, it's an involving and evolved piece that ultimately connects the changing courses of very different lives.

“Pannebecker’s novel focuses more on the criminals than the crimes, providing readers with affable lawbreakers.

“It’s hard to miss a sense of gloom throughout, but Pannebecker doesn’t let it saturate the novel. The protagonists always cling to hope, earning readers’ sympathy along the way. Depressing at times but an emotionally charged story that animates its characters.” Kirkus Reviews

Mark Pannebecker

About Mark Pannebecker (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Mark Pannebecker

Mark Pannebecker is an author of literary fiction and the founder of the St. Louis Indie Book Fair, an annual event created to foster authors of fiction and nonfiction. He started out as a filmmaker but soon fell in love with the creative writing process and shifted his focus on producing and directing films to that of writing screenplays, which then led to writing in other narrative forms. Mark writes screenplays, stage plays, novels, novellas, short stories, and is currently writing a series of novelettes--he's big on letting the story (function) dictate form.

Mark published a collection of poetry titled "Motorcycle Boy Lives" and a collection of short stories titled "Godsfood" (both BookLocker, 2015). His first novel "Fraternity of Fractures" (AuthorHouse, 2016) was written originally as a screenplay.

Mark is always processing storylines for new work. The idea that's moved to the front of the line--insisting, really, for years to be written--is "A Fool’s Journey," a 21-part series of novelettes inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each of the twenty-one parts will launch as eBook only, starting in 2017 with "Book I, The Magician." He hopes you enjoy "A Fool's Journey," a postmodern bildungsroman.

Please reach out to him at and visit his website: