Free For All – A Lexi Fagan Mystery

Free For All
262 Pages
ISBN 978-0986120923

Lexi Fagan finds a new job in the City by the Bay as a receptionist at a political think tank. Her life seems to be getting back on track when her boss is found murdered in his office. Lexi’s old friend, Detective Robert Reiger, pulls the young redhead into the investigation. Lexi becomes Reiger’s “eyes and ears” inside The Freedom Institute—where suspects seem to multiply by the day.

Autumn Doerr

About Autumn Doerr (San Francisco, California Author)

Autumn Doerr

Autumn Doerr is a writer and television producer currently based in Los Angeles, but the Bay Area still holds her heart. “San Francisco is where I grew up,” says Autumn. “It’s where I became an adult, made life-long friends and where my family still lives.” Book one, Baker’s Dozen, and book two, Free For All, are available on Amazon. Autumn is writing the third book in the Lexi Fagan Mystery series, Sins of the Mother.

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