Freedom's Forge – Striking The Sparks Of Liberty (Vol 1)

Freedom's Forge
368 Pages
ISBN 9781478221258

Marooned in the new world by events out of his control, Scottish fugitive Daniel Ferguson takes refuge in the tinderbox of Colonial Boston. As the sparks of war are whipped in the chaos of 1773 New England Politics, the Scot finds the life he has lead turned upside down in this new land that King George grips fiercely with both hands, but may not be able to hold onto.

Witnessing first hand the tumultuous events of the Boston Tea Party and the intrigues after, Daniel meets Paul Revere, silversmith and leader of the Sons of Liberty, the fledgling revolutionary group which welcomes the Scot as a new member, and he meets red-haired Megan, the sad eyed tavern maid with secrets of her own to keep.

Nelson Abbac

About Nelson Abbac (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Nelson Abbac

Nelson Abbac is the pen-name of a former SWAT police officer, lifetime shooter, history buff and current Appleseed Instructor. He holds a Bachelor's degree and is a former elected official in his home town. While he has published several magazine articles, this novel is his first work of fiction.

He is a proud husband and father of two in Northwest Ohio, where he is ardently admired by his two dogs and occasionally noticed by the family cat.