Frogwilla, A Treefrog's Story

Frogwilla, A Treefrog's Story
128 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9774422-6-3

Everyone has a story . . . even a young treefrog.

When a midsummer storm floods the banks of a great pond, a young treefrog named Frogwilla finds herself separated from her mama and papa and her beloved home, Willow's End. Alone and scared, she soon finds the courage to venture out into the unknown on a quest to search for her parents. But many obstacles await her.

Along the way, Frogwilla discovers some unlikely friendships in a speedy dragonfly called Sunshine and a wandering turtle called Tucker. With the help of her new-found friends, she embarks on a journey that teaches them the true meaning of hope, friendship, and courage.

Cheri L Hallwood

About Cheri L Hallwood (South Bend, Indiana Author)

Cheri L Hallwood

“Follow your dream before you are too tired to catch it!” was an inspirational quote that truly caught Cheri’s attention!

A wife, mother of three talented daughters and six amazing granddaughters, Cheri had always dreamed of writing for young children. So in 2006, with the encouragement of family and friend, lots of research, some personal money and a loving husband, Cheri starting her self-publishing company, Forever Young Publishers, and published her first children’s picture book, “Winter’s First Snowflake.”

Cheri has gone on to pen and publish two additional picture books,”The Curious Polka-Dot Present”, “One Wish for Winifred Witch” as well as her first juvenile chapter book, “Frogwilla, A Treefrog’s Story.” She is currently working on a sequel to her first JVCB, entitled, “Frogwilla, Beyond Willow’s End.”

In addition to writing, Cheri loves spending time with her granddaughters, baking, and sharing her passion for books by speaking at libraries, schools, and organizations throughout the Midwest. She lives in Niles, Michigan with her husband, Ray.

You can contact Cheri L Hallwood by visiting her website;