from Abuse to Abundance – Reboot Your Soul-Repair Your Heart-Rebirth into Prosperiy

from Abuse to Abundance
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Does it sometimes seem like your life is unreal? Perhaps it seems that your existence is more a nightmare than a dream. We never know about the private lives behind the façades people create for public consumption. Yet what shapes our lives is the raw, unvarnished, unstated, and camouflaged reality that defines our everyday existence. I grew up in such an illusion and suspected that my life was closer to the nightmare side than the dream.

My dad was a recognized and renowned jazz musician. He played with and made records with the great musicians of the late twentieth century. Behind the mask of success and notoriety lurked a monster whom no one from the public would have recognized or believed existed. His own insecurity, fear, addictions, lies, and bad choices led him to be a violent abuser. Bars on the windows, secrets behind locked doors, terrors behind the mask of normalcy. I lived in a nightmare world and needed a way out.

In the end, for me, there is a happy ending. What I didn’t know was that, while I was able to escape the abusive situation, the abuse itself followed me. It sapped my joy and creativity. It wasn’t until I fell into a hole of depression as a supposedly successful adult, a doctor, and the mother of three children that I realized there was a purpose to my pain. What did it take to crawl out of this hole? Join me as I take you on a journey of Reboot, Repair, Rebirth. Reboot your soul by breaking the silence, speaking your truth, and ending the isolation. Get to physical and emotional safety. Repair by getting help and consciously healing your mind, heart, and body. Conquer your demons and discover your inner light and resilience. Celebrate your Rebirth as a new, healing, wiser, loving, and centered being. Live intentionally and abundantly.

Jamila Battle, MD

About Jamila Battle, MD (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

Jamila Battle, MD

Dr. Jamila Battle is a compassionate and powerful woman tempered by the fire of years of abuse. She defied the odds and climbed out of the mayhem of her upbringing to achieve great success. She earned her way to a prestigious university and became a medical doctor with specialties in sleep, trauma (abuse), addiction, and mental health. Born in Atlanta, she moved to Los Angeles at the age of two. After 5 years, the family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Raised in Chattanooga, Dr. Battle went to the Baylor School, a college preparatory high school. She attended Duke University for her undergraduate studies and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for medical school. Dr. Battle enjoyed all of her medical rotations and decided that family medicine was a great fit for her, because it respects all facets of the human body and focuses on prevention. Dr. Battle completed residency training at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. After completing her training, she returned to North Carolina as a consulting associate at Duke University.

Dr. Battle, board certified in family, sleep, and addiction medicine, is the creator of “Reboot, Repair, Rebirth.” She now dedicates her life, love and passion to not only her family, but also to helping those who have been wounded as she was. She brings you the shining light of possibility and true hope for you to experience “Reboot, Repair, and Rebirth™” in your life. This innovative model aids women and their families who have suffered trauma to truly forgive themselves, so they can become fully integrated and capable of self-love. She believes the ability of the body, mind, and spirit to repair themselves is underutilized, and uninterrupted sleep is the foundation of repair and restoration.

She is a consulting physician for Dr. Jamila Battle & Associates, PA where she provides supervision in the areas of family, addiction and sleep medicine and direct care services at a local practice. She uses an individualized approach, which focuses on YOU. One of her dreams is to integrate her experience and training under one umbrella to serve the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of her clients and audience. She motivates others to identify unique talents that they possess to help them succeed despite adversity and struggle. In her spare time, she volunteers with at-risk families and enjoys not only health and fitness but also spending time with her husband and three children.