From an Attic to a Mansion – The story of Joe Mangione, a little boy brought up on welfare and started working at 9 years old to help support his family and became the ultimate deal maker through focus, visualization, and persistence. His personal lessons will inspire you!

Some people assume that those born in the clutches of poverty rarely break free of its stifling grip. But Joe Mangione is living proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Joe was born into a poor New York family, one of six children, two adults, and a German shepherd living in a tiny house with no kitchen. He slept in an unfinished attic amid spiders and cobwebs and found his drive for success at nine years old, taking a job with his brother to help support his family. From there, life was an upward climb over both struggles and victories to where the book begins, with Joe looking back on his journey while enjoying a cruise.

Throughout his life, he learned countless lessons that helped him along his way. Some came from the trials of military service, some from the joyous success in business and sales ventures, and some from disappointing setbacks, including the devastating loss of a job when he needed it most. In From an Attic to a Mansion, Joe’s son shares how his father crafted all of these experiences into a career in real estate and business management far more successful than he ever expected.

Do you ever feel that it isn’t possible to rise above your upbringing and your situation to achieve the success you want in life? Does building a successful business seem beyond your reach because of the obstacles in your path? From an Attic to a Mansion is the inspirational true story of a man who did exactly that, and more. Author D. Scott Mangione documents the amazing life of his father, Joe Mangione, in a book that illustrates how willpower and hard work can overcome any difficulty or disadvantage in life. No matter your circumstances, there is a road to success that starts where you are right now. Ambition and determination can take anyone from an attic… …to a mansion!

D. Scott Mangione

About D. Scott Mangione (San Antonio, Texas Author)

D. Scott Mangione

D. Scott Mangione was born in 1962 in Concord, Mass. His life has had many stages. He began his journey as a professional musician (keyboards and song writer) where he was able to tour the country and record several albums. He received his Bachelors of Science from UTSA and his Masters in Instructional and Curricular Development from UNLV. He taught science for fifteen years in Las Vegas and Salt lake City. As a teacher he received many educational awards and had the opportunity to teach for NASA. After learning to speak Navajo, he spent two years working in the great Navajo nation. These life experiences has prepared him for the next stage in his life as an author. "From an Attic to a Mansion", the life story of his father, Joe Mangione, is one of the most inspirational stories ever told.

"I am so thankful for my father and my amazing mother, Sandra (who passed in 2004). Their love and guidance provided me with a foundation that has helped me to navigate through this tumultuous life. The greatest experience of all was the birth of my wonderful daughter, Kortny. She has brought me so much happiness and love. It has been a privilege to learn about my father by writing his amazing life story." D. Scott Mangione.