From the Lake House – A Mother's Odyssey of Loss and Love

From the Lake House
256 Pages
ISBN 978-1-63152-866-8

Dizzy with grief after a shattering breakup, Kristen did what any sensible thirty-nine-year-old woman would do: she fled, abandoning her well-ordered life in metropolitan Boston and impulsively relocating to a college town in North Carolina to start anew with a freshly divorced southerner.

Dismissing the neon signs that flashed Rebound Relationship, Kristen was charmed by the host of contrasts with her new beau. He loved hunting and country music, she loved yoga and NPR; he worried about nothing, she worried about everything. The luster of her new romance and small-town lifestyle soon—and predictably—faded, but by then a pregnancy test stick had lit up. As Kristen’s belly grew, so did her concern about the bond with her partner—and so did a fierce love for her unborn child. Ready or not, she was about to become a mother. And then, tragedy struck.

Poignant and insightful, From the Lake House explores the echoes of rash decisions and ill-fated relationships, the barren and disorienting days an aching mother faces without her baby, and the mysterious healing that can take root while rebuilding a life gutted from loss.

Kristen Rademacher

About Kristen Rademacher (Chapel Hill, North Carolina Author)

Kristen Rademacher

Kristen has lived in North Carolina since leaving New England in 2002. Kristen's career in education spans 30 years; she started as a teacher at the elementary school level, and now works as an academic coach for college students at a univeristy.

Kristen began writing when she moved to North Carolina, and her first memoir—From the Lake House: A Mother's Odyssey of Loss and Love— will be published by She Writes Press in July 2020.

When not writing, Kristen can be found buried in a good book, hiking through wooded trails, or listening to music or a juicy podcast. She's recently discovered a love of baking and happily shares her confections with friends and family.

Visit Kristen on her website at: or on Facebook @kristenrademacherauthor